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Cactus Cymry

True stories of Welshmen who left their mark on Tucson, Tombstone, Bisbee, and beyond

Within the Mists

A short story about an officer of Nelson’s Navy and a lonely selchie

Gecko Tales

Offering two short stories in an anthology

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Have a seat, grab a cuppa, a goblet, or a glass and enjoy a few tales to take you somewhere else for a while.

Lovers of fiction with strong characters and adventure, this is the place for you. Step onto the dusty streets of Tombstone and hear the wagons creak above the tinny notes of a far-off piano. Or breathe deeply of green sea as a brisk wind ruffles your hair and gulls cry, soaring over a rock-strewn beach.

Soar into high flying fiction by Jude Johnson.


Save the Last Dance
Two people in bad relationships share a passion for dancing that soon blossoms for each other. Their attraction could destroy everything they've worked for, so when circumstance throws them together again and again, they must choose if it's better to stay in their loveless relationships or gamble on love.

Save The Last Dance combines three novellas—A Dangerous Dance, A Wicked Waltz, and A Torrid Tango—into one book, encompassing the tale of Maggie Pearce and John Harrison from their first meeting at a New York movie premiere to a ballroom competition in Las Vegas and beyond...


Walkabout Willie / Mucky Karms is one book of two tales for children, perfect for reading at bedtime or for those who already read independently. There are blank pages to draw one's own illustrations.

Walkabout Willie recounts the Grand Adventure of a wombat who wandered farther than he ever thought he could. My good friend from Down Under, Marg Brassington, shared this story with me quite some time ago. It's a fun tale with different animals from Australia involved, illustrated with original drawings by Marg herself. I've added a few here and there as well.

Mucky Karms is a fantasy I used to tell my son every night at bedtime. Lorcan the Leprechaun is certain the Witch in the Deepest, Darkest part o' the Forest has stolen his pot o' gold. He tricks a unicorn into giving him a ride and soon learns being mean isn't the best way to accomplish a goal.

Right now, when you purchase a print copy from Amazon, you can add a Kindle version for only 99 cents.

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